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Urdnot Rakkor

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Urdnot Rakkor. Formerly a warrior of Clan Urdnot on Tuchanka. Now a veritable exile living on Omega. When he was young he was trained to be a krogan scout. Over time he discovered his fascination for tech and he was trained to be a Field Engineer, providing technical support and repairs to other soldiers in the field. But Rakkor never quite shared the same bloodlust as others. He likes a good brawl every now and then but large-scale combat and gunfights? He’d rather disable his enemies en masse than fight them outright.

One time a group from a rival clan tried to infiltrate an Urdnot camp and steal their weapons cache. Rakkor and a friend discovered them. While his friend ran off to inform the rest of their squad, Rakkor calmly remained hidden and quietly tapped buttons on his omni-tool. When Rakkor’s squad showed up, both sides geared up for what promised to be a fierce gunfight. But as soon as the infiltrators attempted to return fire, their weapons all exploded in their faces. Rakkor chuckled deviously as the infiltrators were captured for interrogation.

Another time Rakkor and his squad were sent out to do some scouting. They were detected. Outnumbered and outgunned, they had to retreat. Their truck was damaged and enemy vehicles were quickly catching up. When his squadmates were thinking of jumping out and going down in a glorious hail of bullets, Rakkor calmly pressed a button on his omni-tool. He suspected something like this would happen so when scouting he found the enemy trucks and planted a special device of his own making on one of them. When activated it allowed Rakkor to override the controls and give him command. He forced this truck to ram two others, driving them off the road, and then flip over to block any additional trucks from pursuing. Rakkor leaned back for a nap while the rest of his squad looked at him in disbelief.

Rakkor was smart and cunning but also very quiet. This and his aversion to combat left him with very few people he could call friends. It also didn’t help that when he did speak his ideas and opinions were often…unpopular. Unlike most krogan, he realized that thanks to the Genophage they needed to stop killing each other if the krogan are to survive. This led him to butt heads with many of his fellow warriors, even Urdnot Wreav, who quickly disliked him because he sounded too much like his brother Wrex, somewhere out there among the stars. His unpopularity often had him passed over for field assignments he was otherwise perfect for, instead delegating him to repairing trucks and shuttles.

People hated and were annoyed by Rakkor and his ideas and methods but what ultimately prompted his exile was when it became know that he fell in love with an alien woman. A human, to be exact. She was a mercenary who was part of a group that came to do business with the Blood Pack. She was their shuttle pilot and Rakkor was assigned to help her with some repairs. They talked quite a bit during the repairs. He showed her a few clever tricks he came up with to help her shuttle run more smoothly and in return she gave him a few piloting lessons. For the first time in ages he felt he found someone he could be truly open with. He felt a strange bond with her during her stay and to his surprise he realized he was falling in love. He confessed these feelings to a trusted friend of his. Or at least someone he thought was a trusted friend. This “friend” was repulsed by Rakkor’s crush and quickly spread the word. Most krogan, especially the ones on Tuchanka, hate aliens to varying degrees. Most tolerate the presence of aliens for the purpose of doing business but anything beyond that is all but outlawed. Needless to say, this news did not sit well with most krogan and Rakkor decided to leave.

Rakkor’s love had departed for Omega days before his confession to his friend. He followed her there, hoping that maybe his story about how he was leaving his people behind for her may spur her to return his affection. But heartbreak was all that awaited him. When he reunited with his love he learned that she was already married. Soon after this revelation, she had to leave Omega again for more business. Rakkor decided to stay, having nowhere else to go.

These days Rakkor can be found quietly shuffling around Omega’s Ward 23. He works two jobs to support himself. By day he works as a mechanic at the shipping docks and by night he’s a bouncer in one of the local clubs. He’s gained a level of notoriety for his work at the docks, often finding fixes for problems that stump other engineers. He also became a local hero of sorts among the human population for being the prime suspect behind the foiling of an attempt by some turian bigots to detonate a gas bomb a human neighborhood. Rumor had it a group of turians still holding a grudge from the First Contact War came to Omega to lay the hurt on some humans. Any humans. A cluster of humans living in Ward 23 drew the short straw. The turians had the bomb all prepared. As soon as it arrived on Omega, they would leave it in the middle of the neighborhood in the middle of the night. It would release a gas that was painful and deadly to humans but harmless to turians. Supposedly Rakkor heard some of them discussing their plan in the bar where he worked. He made sure to be present at the docks when the shipping container carrying the bomb arrived. When the turians delivered the bomb, as soon as they armed it the bomb detonated. But instead of the intended gas it released a different type of gas. One that had no effect on humans but on turians it acted much like a truth serum. Humans came pouring out of their homes to investigate the racket. They questioned the turians and they couldn’t stop themselves from admitting their true purpose.

What led the people to suspecting Rakkor for the sabotage? He was the only dock worker present at both the bomb’s delivery and when a canister of the truth serum went missing from a smuggler’s shipment. The smuggler was raising holy hell and threatening to shoot the dock workers if the canister was not returned. But the smuggler was human. And when he heard how his stolen canister was supposedly used, he dropped it. Rakkor refused to publicly admit his role in the sabotage. People eventually moved on but many humans quietly appreciated him looking out for them.

Despite his fame Rakkor mostly keeps to himself, having developed some trust issues thanks to his friend’s betrayal back on Tuchanka. He has a few coworkers at the docks and the bar that he opens up to a little but no one he feels close enough to call a friend. He keeps people mostly at arm’s reach these days. He especially keeps his distance from his fellow krogan, having developed a deep distrust with them. He thinks it’s better this way. Less chance of getting hurt again…

Biotics =
Tech = 2
Guns =
Decryption = 1
Stealth = 1
People Skills =
Toughness = 1
Piloting = 1

Specialty = Tech

Urdnot Rakkor

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